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Welcome Lambs
(18 months to 2 1/2 years)


The Teachers:

Miss Patrycja – with Shepherd's Flock since 2022

Miss Dana – with Shepherd’s Flock since 2017

Miss Katie – with Shepherd’s Flock since 1997
Miss Elda - with Shepherd's Flock since 2022

Miss Maureen – with Shepherd’s Flock since 2003



We provide the following:


  • The growth and independence of toddlers by encouraging social-emotional skills.

  • Learning centers which provide children the opportunity to engage in a variety of small group activities throughout the day.

  • Focus on structured group schedule versus previously individualized routines to promote social growth.

  • Children in the Lambs room are introduced to diapering routines in the potty as part of the first step to potty training.

  • Encouragement for lot of hands-on exploration and sensory experiences for the curious minds of toddlers.

  • The introduction to Spanish as a second language begins in the Lambs room.

  • A room for 13 students a day, with our ratio being 1 staff person to every 5 children. The Lambs room children have a full day of various activities planned by the teachers. This includes art and sensory experiences, math and science, dramatic play, and small motor activities such as puzzles and small blocks.


Parents will bring:


Diapers, wipes, extra clothing, and naptime snuggies

Parents have the opportunity to have Parent–Teacher conferences twice throughout the year in the Lambs room to discuss their child’s progress.

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