Welcome to Rainbow!
(2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years)


The Teachers:


Miss Anissa – with Shepherd’s Flock since 2016

Miss April - with Shepherd’s Flock since 2017

Miss Kathy-with Shepherd’s Flock since 2019

Miss Zana - with Shepherd’s Flock since 2005


We provide the following:

  • Our Rainbow children continue to become more independent thinkers and explorers. With more choices throughout the day in learning centers and activities, these children are getting ready for the next stages of development.

  • Teachers provide an enriching environment through intentionally planned learning activities.

  • Encouraging children to be self-motivated by offering a variety of developmentally appropriate choices throughout the day.

  • Our Spanish program continues with weekly Spanish lessons incorporated into the curriculum.

  • A room for 16 students per day, with our ratio being 1 staff person to 8 children. The children in the Rainbow room enjoy planned preschool activities by the teachers, such as art and sensory experiences, dramatic play, math and science, and small motor experiences such as puzzles, games and blocks.


Rainbow Parents: Have the opportunity to have Parent–Teacher conferences twice throughout the year in the Rainbow room to discuss their child’s progress.

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