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About Our Unique Intergenerational Program

An important part of our curriculum includes intergenerational programming. This type of program provides older adults and children with many opportunities to interact in the classroom and throughout our campus. Intergenerational activities will benefit both the children and older adults by offering mutual opportunities to help and be helped, teach and be taught, love and be loved. 

Intergenerational programs are designed in accordance with the guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Because we respect the right of the individual, participation is encouraged, but is voluntary. At the time of enrollment, permission slips are signed by families, allowing their children to participate in the intergenerational programs. 

Unique Benefits For Children

Preschool-age children take field trips on Wednesdays, and grandmas and grandpas are always welcome to accompany them. Together, students and residents have delighted in spending time together, from pumpkin farms in the fall to water parks in the summer. Whenever a grandma or grandpa comes with, it always makes the day more special! There are many mutual benefits to our interactions!

  • Improved Reading Scores

  • Positive Attitudes Towards Aging

  • Positive Role Models

  • Greater Problem Solving Abilities

  • Improved Communication Skills

  • Improved Problem Solving Abilities


As a working mother of three, Shepherd’s Flock has been a godsend! Knowing that my daughters are in such a nurturing environment gives me the peace of mind to focus on my job during the day. The teachers truly care for each individual child and have a gift for making learning fun.

"Shepherd’s Flock is truly a wonderful place filled with opportunities to bring the grandma’s and grandpa’s together with the young children. We always wanted our girls to be around the older generation so they could respect and be comfortable around them. The environment with the awesome indoor and outdoor playground were added bonuses! And the dedicated and caring teachers are so wonderful and enriching. It exceeded our expectations!"

We love to hear from Shepherd's Flock families past and present! If you have any information regarding our unique intergenerational program don't hesitate to give us a call...

Phone: (847) 368-7391

Or email the Director at :

Samantha Jonson 


Sarah Kurth


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