Welcome to Sonshine!
(3 1/2 to 5 years)


The Teachers:

Miss Meg – with Shepherd’s Flock since 2019

Miss Nancy – with Shepherd’s Flock since 1999

Miss Vicki – with Shepherd’s Flock since 1997

Miss Zana – with Shepherd’s Flock since 2005


What we provide:

  • Preparation for the children's school years and beyond.

  • A learning-rich environment which aides in the development of advanced skills in core pre-academic areas such as math, science and literacy with the goal of providing experiences which will help drive success in school and promote lifelong learners.

  • Decision making, writing and literacy, complex problem solving.

  • Sonshine children have increased opportunities for community involvement by participating in weekly field trips.

  • Writing journals and pre-math skills are part of daily curriculum. We also utilize the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum program in our Sonshine classroom.

  • A room for 20 students per day, with our ratio being 1 staff person to 10 children. The children in the Sonshine room enjoy planned preschool activities by the teachers, such as art and sensory experiences, dramatic play, math and science, and small motor experiences like puzzles, games and blocks. Writing journals and pre–math skills are part of the curriculum each day.


Sonshine Parents: Have the opportunity to have Parent–Teacher conferences twice throughout the year in the Sonshine room to discuss their child’s progress. Our goal in the Sonshine room is to have your child as prepared for kindergarten as possible.

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